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Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC SLT 750, HPC ActionTeam 750 (2022)

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Our Foil Properties

Wie die Folie aufgebaut ist

200µm thick
transparent (clear)
High durability
High adhesion


for the highest requirements and demands
for smooth and matte surfaces
high weather resistance
residue-free removal
not suitable for anodised surfaces
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The easy-frame bike paint protection film is designed exactly for your bike's model, year of manufacture and size. This is the only way to ensure optimum protection for your bike. Each paint protection set comes with detailed instructions for application and a our Installation Kit.

In contrast to conventional, universal paint protection films, the easy-frame bike paint protection film is distinguished by its quality and precision-fit production. It is precisely tailored to the component and thereby offers the highest possible protection.

With its high transparency and strong adhesive strength, it is the ideal solution and can be applied to both glossy and matt surfaces without compromising your colored paintwork.

The result is super protection in any terrain. Discreet in appearance and yet very effective!!

The film is colorless transparent. The colored areas The film is colorless and transparent. The colored areas in the example image are intended to represent the areas protected by the easy-frame bike paint protection film. easy-frame Bike-Lackschutzfolie geschützten Flächen darstellen.

The easy-frame bike paint protection film contains segments for:

 Head tube
• Top tube
• Down tube
• Seat tube
• Bottom bracket
• Chainstays
• Seatstays
• Connection elements
• as well as small ovals for the cable pulls

the differences Our Paint Protection Film

Mit Standard VersionOhne Schutzfolie

standard version

Our Standard Version offers you the basic protection you should have. The frame is adhered to where it is sensible and necessary. Extensive protection, precisely adapted to your model, year of manufacture and frame size. With this design, the most important places on the frame are covered.

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Mit Extended VersionOhne Schutzfolie

extended version

Our Extended Version offers you the most comprehensive and best protection! The frame is adhered to only where it is possible and sensible. This cut of film offers you the ultimate protection, and is precisely adapted to your model, year of manufacture and frame size. With this implementation, you ensure the value of your bike and also preserve the resale value.

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